Saturday, 3 April 2010

Dave's Movie Buzz - April 03

This is Dave, not Neol.

Chris Evans is Captane America: Actor Chris Evans will be acting as the famous super soldjer, 'Captane America'. Back in the 90's England had a super soldier called 'Majer Briton' who went rogue, so they had an elite group of soldiers track him down. They caught up with him in the Newbury Harvester restraunt, where he was hassling some girls, so the team leader laid him out with one punch. SMACK! The team then got off with the girls.

--Dave's Movie Fact--: Before he became and actor Chris Evans used to present TFI Friday on Chanel 4, and is not to be confuzed with the Radio 2 DJ of the same name.

Tom Hanks Environmental Protest: Tom Hanks yesterday set fire to a pile of 3000 rubber tyres as a protest about the environment. "Everyday people drive their cars and wheelspin and stuff" he said "and it's bad for the environment, like I'm showing here. Dont do it anymore." Hanks reckons it's alright if he does it, but other people shouldn't because of the environment. "I burn rubber so you dont have to" he said.

James Cameron sucked into computer: Like in Tron, James Cameron got digitized by a laser and now lives in the 3D world he created for Avatar. "I don't like it in here. I want to come home." He said yesterday via my MSN account. Apparantly he's in that caravan bit they carried with that helicopter, up into the mountains, but he's no got anyone to talk to because those blue aliens don't speak English.

Eastenders Movie in Production: Fans of British Sope Opra Eastenders will be pleased to hear that its being made into a movie, being directed by Sam Mendez. "The story is how Stacy has a falling out with her sister and how the Queen Vic gets closed down." He said. "It should tie up a lot of loose ends."

Thats all from me this week. There might not be a movie buzz next week as Im buying a new car. Also Neol wanted me to say that he definitly is NOT dead.

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