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Predators Review

Actors in 'Predators'.

Oh look I'm reviewing a film! Somebody call the police because that must be a crime!

Just for the record I was going to post this anyway, so don't think it's because of certain people making stupid comments.

Neonsamurai's 'Predators' Review:

Just imagine for one minute that you're a professional killer, like my mate Dave. One minute you're in Curry's playing on their Xbox 360, the next minute you're falling out of the sky over the jungle. That's pretty terrifying right? Well what about if once you landed in the jungle you had to then fight alien monsters?! That's really scary.

How do I know? Well because Dave and myself saw this at the weekend and I thought it was brilliant. One Chinese bloke fights a Predator with a samurai sword! How cool is that? But Dave kept on going out to the toilet when all the scary bits came on the screen, which I thought was unusual for somebody who had to fight rogue cyborgs in Bedford when he was in Team Extreme. However, afterwards Dave said it was because of post traumatic stress disorder, due to the film's extreme realism.

Also, as Dave pointed out, if what happened in the film was real, he'd be a prime candidate to be abducted by the Predators. Dave sleeps in the nude, so he was worried he'd end up being chased around the jungle in the nuddy by Predators. However, he'd also noted several weaknesses the alien hunters have, which he'd exploit in order to defeat them, even if he was naked. He can't help doing this, as it was part of his special forces training.

Here's an article by Dave's of the Predators weaknesses that he'd use against them in an ironic twist, turning them from the hunter to the hunted:

Alrirte? Dave hear with my list of how to defeat Predaters. In the filmthey seem hard, but thats becarse they were fighting acters and not real specail forces soldiers like I was once.

  • Headaches: If they only see in all of them funny colours all the time then they must have headaches all the time. The last thing youy want when youve got a headache are bright lites and loud music. That'd make them go mental.So I'd walk around with a getto blaster and some torches, flushing them out of cover.
  • No clothes: Predators wear noffing. Which means that they might get cold if you hid in a cave, or by the sea of something. A cold soldier dont fite like a warm soldier, becarse they keep having to drink hot tea from a thermos, or wear mittens and you can't use a gun if you wear mittens.
  • Lazer Sites: Lazer sites dont work on mirrors. If you were being chased by a predater then if you hide in a shop full of mirrors, like Jon Lewis or something, it would confuze it and it wouldnt be able to use its gun. I was trained to aim without a lazer site. Thats when I'd take it down.
  • Size: Predaters are well big so they dont expect some smaller guy attacking them. If I saw a predater hassling some girls I'd walk up to it an clock it one right in its face. Thatd confuse it. then I'd punch his stomach until he doubled over and nee him in his chin. Pow! Over and out. Game over predater, and I won.
Hopefully if any of you do end up fighting predators on an alien planet then Dave's advice should come in handy. Especially the bit about mirrors, which makes a lot of sense. But, as the characters in the film weren't former member of the now disbanded Team Extreme, they were clearly out of their depth with the predators and as you can imagine it was a bloodbath.

But the film was super-awesome primarily because there were loads of predators, not just one, and to make things even better, there were new, bigger ones. One issue with the film is hunt saboteurs. They turn up all over the place, stopping fox hunting, badger baiting, hare coursing and fishing, but once when they're actually needed there's no sign. No wonder you guys have such a bad reputation if the only kind of hunting you endorse is ones with a human quarry. Not that predators would have listened, but that's hardly the point. They were conspicuous by their absence. I only bring this up as it was the focal point in my 'Predator' review which IMDB didn't recognise as valid.

However, this didn't spoil the film for me and I give it two Oscars, making it a brilliant film.

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