Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Competition update:

I think there's been a bit of confusion over the 'Win a Date With Neonsamurai' competition, so I'll just clarify a few things:
1) To enter the competition you need to answer the questions in the comments section on the competition page here. I think some of you ladies must have mistakenly posted you answers and details somewhere else. I know that women are a bit scatty sometimes, but I won't hold that against you in this competition. Unless you're god-awful ugly.

2) Due to a recent incident with the manager of the Little Chef, the venue has been changed to the Littlehampton 'Chick 'n Fish' eatery on the High Street. You can have literally anything on the menu, within reason.

3) During the date I will decide if I want to have sex with you, then we'll go back to your place. Just because you have won a date with me it doesn't mean you've automatically won the chance to have sex with me.

4) No police women.

5) If anyone has been speaking to my parole officer back in Aylesbury then don't listen to anything he says. The man's delusional. If I was his boss I'd fire him and then employ someone who isn't a complete tool.
There's no official closing date for this competition, but if you enter early you'll probably have a better chance of winning. Although don't be put off if you've seen that there are loads of entries either as there can be more than one winner.

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