Monday, 15 March 2010

Back with a vengeance

I don't know what the hell that 'Project Drunk' stuff is about. I'm pretty sure none of that actually happened. I think someone might have hacked the account, so I've changed the password, just to be sure.

We were supposed to be going to the Windmill Cinema this Saturday to watch 'Precious' because Dave is a big 'Lord of the Rings' fan and said it was a prequel about Gollum, but I felt like a really fat person sat on my brain. So instead we stayed in and played Super Smash brothers on Dave's Wii until Luigi started to make me
really angry. Then Dave's mum came to pick him up so we didn't have time to review any films, and Dave 'couldn't be arsed' to write a 'Movie Buzz'.

"Hmm... No DVD player, banned from Blackbusters and his friend failed to deliver up-to-the-minute movie news. Well I guess that's the end of 'NeonSamurai's Movie Review Blog."


Any other, less committed movie reviewer, who still lived with her parents and couldn't have got absolutely wasted on Friday night because they don't server children Bacardi Breezers would probably have given up by now. You know, start crying and generally freaking out as children so often do. But I'm not Emily Stephenson so I managed turn a defeat into a victory. Check this out:

How much do you think that cost me? £50? £100? £500? Wrong, wrong and double wrong. It cost me NOTHING.

I've got some contacts at the Recycling Centre who always wave and laugh and generally muck about with me. They've even got a nick-name for me. "Oi! Oi! It's Stig!" they shout and I make car noises and pretend to drive around (like them I'm a massive 'Top Gear' fan). We've been friends ever since I fell into the cardboard recycling skip and got my arm stuck in the bottle bank. One of the in-jokes we share is that one of them has to follow me around the site in case I try to climb in the compactor again (which was part of a joke I was doing about Superman), and this week it was Roger. He always wants to know what I've been up to and no matter what I say he thinks it's really funny, especially what I got up to on Saturday night.

Anyway, one thing lead to another and I told Roger that my DVD player was broken and Roger gave me a little wink and said "Stig, I reckon we can sort something out for you." Five minutes later Roger had presented me this RCA DVD player for me for FREE. No-one's ever given me anything before.

"Oh but Neon, how will you manage to obtain DVD's without a Blackbuster account?" Is what a thick person reading my blog would ask.

Well I guess you're so thick you've never heard of Scope before. Basically they're where people used to get second hand tat before the invention of eBay. But they also stock an extensive range of DVD's and videos. For less than £5 I got ' A Fish Called Wanda', 'Weapons of the Gulf War' and 'Tim Lovejoy's Football Heroes', all on DVD (reviews pending) and I don't have to take them back in a few days. They're mine to keep forever. Better watch out Blackbusters, looks like your days are numbered.

And as for movie buzz, well Dave text'd me some movie facts which I'll post later.


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