Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dave's Movie Buzz

Dave's Movie Buzz 210310

I know people in the industry. Not actors or ponces like that but mafia guys who aren't afraid to silence peeple who mess with them.

Jet Lee Bruce Lees Son: They did some DNA tests and stuff on Jet Lee and it turns out hes Bruce Lees son, which is why they reckon he so good at karate. When they told him he said something like "It is great honowr to be son of Bruce lee". Hes also vowed to avenge his dads death.

Sting Beaten up in Pub: Sting was getting all gobby in the Bricklayers Arms pub in Aylesbury and tryin it on with these girls who werent interested. So this bloke says "leave it Sting, if you know whats good for you" and Sting said "bodyguards, get him!" So this bloke who was ex-special forces beat up three bodyguards and then knocked Sting out with one punch. Pow! When Sting woke up he started blubbing and legged it. The girls where really thankful to the guy, whois name I can't mention. Obviously Sting will deny any of this happened.

Hollywood to Make Michael Jackson Biopic: They reckon the buget will be about 300 million and Jackson will be played by 3 actors. Will Smith's son, Will Smith and then Eric Bana. Apparently, the story will be about his life and how he went mental.

Zulu Remake Starring Jamie Fox: The remake will be about how a squad of African American soldiers who make up a special forces unit got parachuted into Kenya to stop a rogue British Army Commander from blowing up a peaceful town of Zulus. Jamie Fox stars as Captain Jackson Shaft, as wisecracking but respected officer who has to deal with racism and also killing loads of people. Its being produced by Mel Gibson.

Thats it for this weeks movie buzz. If anyones got any idea for what I could right about next week let me know as I'm runing out of ideas.

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