Saturday, 6 March 2010

Dave's Movie Buzz

Dave's Movie Buzz 060310

Alrite? I know the mob and the mob controls Hollywood. This is what they say's happening in movies this week.

Suzanne Sarandon has too much sex. Suzanne Sarandon had sex with nine different men in one day and then went on a sex rampage though LA showting “SEX! SEX! I WANT SEX!” The city grownd to a halt and it wasn't until a copper used teer gas on her that Sarandon could be stopped. They reckon she did 10 million pownds worth of damage.

Nobody goes to Sting's party. Sting hired out The Lownge nightclub in Aylesbury for a big party for all of his showbiz mates, but none of them turned up, so he just gave away all this beer and champagne. I got a couple of crates of Dom Perynon 'cos I know a bouncer there and he owed me a favour.

Lost TV series turns out to be a computer game. That bloke who made Lost let slip the other day that it's basically a computer game like World of Warcraft and all of the peopul in it are the players. Apparantly he'd had a few and then started hasling these girls and then this bloke clocked him one. Knocked him right out. Then the girls snogged the bloke that hit him.

Man sells Star Wars figure for 5 thowsand pownds. I used to have this Star Wars figure called Darth Avenger, who was like the guy who trained Darth Vada and is the hardest guy in the universe. Jorge Lucaz wrote him out of the films but they made a prototipe toy which I sold for 5 grand, because I owed the mafia money.

Thats it for this week, and don't forget if someone reckons it aint true they'd better watch it because the mafia told me and they don't like being told their liars.

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