Monday, 29 March 2010

Dave's Movie Buzz - Alien Prequel Special

Daves Movie Buzz - Alien Prequel Special

Alright? Daves heer with more Movie Buzz. This week Ive been speaking with the yakuza, who are like the Chinese version of the Mafia, and because a lot of movie business takes place in resterants they sort of listen in and then act on it. Apparently Wrigley Scott had a some sweet and sower chicken balls and some egg-fried rice in the Lotus Garden in Burnley and said some stuff about the new Alien film.

Alien Prequel Set Space: Rather than set it on earth the Alien prequel will take place in space, like on a planet or something. Maybe a spaceship.

More Comedy and Fun: After the dull and boring ones set on a prison planet, Wrigley reckons he 'll make it more of a comedy and take the series in a new direction, like Cameron did with Aliens. "If you think about it an alien coming out of a mans tummy is quite funny. Like in Spaceballs or something." said Wrigley.

Sigurney Weaver Not in It: Weaver won't be in the prequel because she'll be too old to be a yonger one of herself. "If we'd made the prequel before we made Alien" said Wrigley "Then we could have made her look younger with make up. But she's like 70 or something now, so it's impossible."

Cast Will be all Midgets: Because the aliens in the prequel are going to be much bigger than before they need smaller actors to play the space marines. "Weve got the cast of TimeBandits playing the army." If its a comedy then it makes sense as loads of people find midgets funny.

Theme Song by Lilly Allen: Popular singer Lilly Allen will do a song for the movie called 'Chest Burster'. Last week Lilly Allen was in this pub and this bloke was hassling her so this geezer decked him. Shut him right up. Then he got off with Lilly.

That's all the stuff the yakuza told me abowt the Alien Prequel. The yakuza often kill people with venom from jellyfish. Just so you know.

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